Feature #18975

Updated by Peter Amstutz 3 months ago

I'm using it to monitor the 2.4 test run. 

 It's pretty great.    I particularly like that when I've just started a workflow, the log panel is empty, but as soon as it starts running the logs start showing up, this gives good feedback. 

 * bug: If you start from empty, and then it starts logging stuff, the "All logs" dropdown won't populate with the other log streams until you reload the panel 
 * It would be nice if it started at the bottom and followed scroll by default, or had a button to do that 
 * An option to show only crunch-run, stdout and stderr would be really great.    If it was default, even better. 
 * Can we make clickable links (PDHs and uuids) open in a new tab?    It's annoying if I click on a link and when I come back to the panel I've lost all my UI state (like the scroll position).