Bug #19796

Updated by Peter Amstutz over 1 year ago

It is expected for some time now that workflow developers base their container images from specific version tags of the @arvados/jobs@ image, nevertheless we still have the @latest@ tag in DockerHub and it's pointing to a really old image. 

 We should review the current documentation and make the appropriate updates to let users know that the @latest@ tag shouldn't be used and it's there for legacy support purposes. 

 Deprecation plan: 

 # Make sure the documentation does not tell users Also, we'll probably want to use the arvados/jobs image, recommends people start from come up with a standard image like debian-slim 
 # Alert any users that are using the legacy arvados/jobs:latest image they should stop doing that 
 # delete the latest tag from docker hub 
 deprecation plan for it.