Story #20123

Updated by Brett Smith 12 months ago

We have a very handy feature of being able to accept OpenID access tokens and validate them with the upstream provider. We have an "OpenID Connect section    However, this feature isn't    mentioned in the Install Guide":, but it basically just points people to installer guide, nor in the configuration file for details. This Admin section should: 

 * briefly explain what OpenID Connect of the docs.    The only mention is and how Arvados uses it a brief comment in the config file.    We should make this a bit more prominent. 
 * list popular providers we know it's compatible with (so people searching for "arvados provider name" can find it) 
 * explain what configuration settings you must set up, and what their values are 
 * if there are optional values, it's okay to continue to direct people to the configuration file reference for those