Story #3022

Updated by Tom Clegg over 6 years ago

(Continues where #2883 left off)

Timing / resource usage summary
* "3 hours 8 minutes of worker node usage, plus 28 minutes idle" ("idle" = node allocated but no tasks running there)
* For each category (completed task IDs / incomplete task IDs / failures), show min/max runtime.

Time chart
* Perhaps like the chrome debug panel's view of network activity (attached screen shot), but more compact.
* Or, perhaps a vertical view with y=time(down), x=node -- i.e., idle nodes show up as empty areas.

Live updates
* Subscribe to job UUID via websocket. Update charts, statistics, and log messages as logs arrive.

* Write a crunch script and a 1-component pipeline to exercises various features
** Request >1 node and make 1st task sleep a few seconds, to ensure some idle node time
** Run multiple tasks per node and produce stderr every few seconds, to exhibit "sort by task" behavior and usability