Bug #20432

Updated by Peter Amstutz about 1 year ago

# recoverable errors, like getting container states, is not an error, and should only be logged as a warning 
 # requesting /arvados/v1/config isn't retried 
 # requesting /discovery/v1/apis/arvados/v1/rest isn't retried 
 ## _thread._local object has no attribute 'api' -- throwing and handling AttributeError is intentional but maybe getattr would be better, in any event it is the API object construction that is ultimately failing 
 # requesting /arvados/v1/containers/current 
 # requesting /arvados/v1/users/current 
 # everything should use 8-10 retries 
 # FUSE also calls users.current without retries -- have seen a few instances of FUSE failing to start due to 503 errors on fetching discovery doc or other endpoints required for startup