Feature #20609

Updated by Peter Amstutz 9 months ago

SWZ: In WB1 there is the ability to see the status of my entire job easily (i.e. 210 containers, 209 success, 1 running, etc,) it is really hard to tell the state of a long job running without this. Is it possible to have this feature back? 

 PA: Are you basically just looking for a summary count of queued/running/completed/failed? 

 TC: I think a little progress bar with color sections for each status, and the #s beside, would go a long way 

 Could look something like this: 

 Progress bar with each section taking up its % of total (green/white with green outline/red/grey)    (white with green outline for "running" could also have green diagonal stripes) 


 With a numeric summary underneath: 

 Completed: 123    Running: 45    Failed: 6    Queued: 789    Total: 963 

 Similar request from user: 

 Hi, would it be possible/helpful to add a small section/indication/tracker at the top to the UI indicating how many subprocesses failed and/or completed within a particular run of the workflow? For e.g. in this workflow run (...), 19 samples completed and 1 failed. It would be good to know at the top of the page as a summary. Just a thought. Thank you.