Story #3078

Updated by Tom Clegg about 6 years ago

arv-put needs two new command line arguments.
# @--name@ → an arbitrary string
# @--project-uuid@ → uuid of a project (group)

New behavior:
* If neither argument is provided, arv-put should display a warning like: "Warning: with no --name or --project-uuid specified, files will be stored in Keep as cached data and will be harder for you to find later."
* If a name is provided, but not a project uuid, there is not enough information to create a name link so arv-put should fail immediately with an explanation.
* If a project uuid is provided, but not a name, the name should default to "Collection saved by {user}@{hostname} at {current date/time}".
* If both arguments are provided, after creating the collection object, arv-put should create a name link.
** owner_uuid = tail_uuid = the specified project uuid
** head_uuid = the new collection uuid
** link_class = "name"
** name = the specified name
* If everything else succeeds but link creation fails, output the collection's hash on stdout as usual, but display an error message and exit non-zero.

Do not (yet):
* Accept a project _name_ on the command line
* Guess a project if none is given