Idea #20853

Updated by Brett Smith 11 months ago

Quoting "the changelog": 

 > Remove format argument from pdoc.pdoc(). For the forseeable future, pdoc will only support HTML export. (#308, @mhils) 

 This change also remmoved the @--html@ command line switch, so that needs to be removed from @doc/Rakefile@. 

 > Breaking: For projects that only document a single module (and its submodules), the module index has been removed. index.html now redirects to the top-level module instead. Direct submodules continue to be accessible in the menu. See #318 for details. 

 @doc/sdk/python/python.html.textile.liquid@ @doc/_config.yml@ needs to update its @iframe src@ link to be @arvados.html@ (the file, not the subdirectory). point to @sdk/python/arvados.html@.