Story #20853

Updated by Brett Smith 7 months ago

pdoc3 is an unofficial fork of pdoc, it seems to be less maintained (last release in 2021 vs. June this year for pdoc), and Quoting "the maintainer thinks it's cute to put a swastika on their web site to make people “question their assumptions.”": changelog": 

 Switching to pdoc3 is fairly easy: 

 * > Remove format argument from pdoc.pdoc(). For the forseeable future, pdoc will only support HTML export. (#308, @mhils) 

 This change also remmoved the @--html@ command line switch switch, so that needs to be removed from @doc/Rakefile@. 

 * > Breaking: For projects that only document a single module (and its submodules), the module index has been removed. index.html now redirects to the top-level module instead. Direct submodules continue to be accessible in the menu. See #318 for details. 

 @doc/sdk/python/python.html.textile.liquid@ needs to update its @iframe src@ to be @arvados.html@ (the file, not the subdirectory). 

 There are output differences that we'll need to go over but it's at least as complete as the pdoc output.