Story #21018

Updated by Brett Smith 5 months ago

We use "admonitions": for deprecation notices in the Python SDK. The HTML comes out like this: 

 <pre><code class="html"> 
 <aside class="admonition warning"> 
     <p><a href="#clear_tmpdir">clear_tmpdir</a> is deprecated and scheduled to be removed in Arvados 3.0.</p> 

 None of this has any styling, so it's pretty plain and a little difficult to follow. Add CSS to do the following: 

 * Give the whole @aside@ block a yellow background to distinguish it from other documentation. 
 * Add content with punctuation to better separate the @strong@ and the @em@. 
 * Add @aside.admonition em { font-weight: normal; }@ 
 * Consider @aside.admonition strong { text-transform: uppercase; }@ 

 See "this pdoc FAQ": and the few that follow for instructions on how to do this. Customizing the pdoc invocation can be done by extending @doc/