Idea #19636

Updated by Peter Amstutz 6 months ago

The wb2 interface uses "draft" for "uncommitted" container requests.    This means the API server allows the inputs to can be edited. 

 In this state, the The "Inputs" panel should render the appropriate input component (from @workbench2/src/views/run-process-panel/inputs@) in the "value" column. allow editing of each parameter value. 

 In addition, there should also be controls for: 

 # updating the @runtime_constraints.vcpus@ and @runtime_constraints.ram@ of the request 
 # setting @priority@ from 1-1000 
 # if command[0] == "arvados-cwl-runner", then checkboxes for 
 ## toggling between @--enable-reuse@ and @--disable-reuse@ 
 ## toggling between @--enable-preemptible@ and @--disable-preemptible@ 
 ## toggling between @--trash-intermediate@ and @--no-trash-intermediate@ 

 I think other controls should appear in the various panels where the values would normally appear, but we'll have to try it and see. 

 -Add a "Run" button which puts the container in "Committed" state so it will run.- done in #15557