Feature #20972

Updated by Peter Amstutz 4 months ago

I want a way to be able to efficiently clean up intermediate results and logs in a project older than a certain date, without having to individually delete tens or hundreds of thousands of collections (which would take a very long time). 

 This would be an API endpoint where you POST to: like: 

 @/arvados/v1/collections/trash?filters=[['created_at', '<', '2022-01-01']]@ 

 This Thought is that this behaves like a 'list' API call, it returns a list of the objects that were trashed in the response; it returns @items_available@ with the count of items_available listing all items that matched the filter (respecting count=none), could have been trashed, the client would call this repeatedly to delete 1000 items at a time until it doesn't get any responses back. 

 Bulk update is moved to #21057