Bug #21067

Updated by Peter Amstutz 6 months ago

If the user opens a process panel and the output collection has been trashed or deleted, it currently throws up a non-specific "Not found" error dialog. 

 There's a few issues here: 

 * I don't know why this opens a dialog, it could be signaled with snackbar 
 * The dialog itself doesn't tell you what wasn't found.    Even if it's a generic dialog, it should try to provide a bit more information.   
 * The process panel should be able to handle the situation where the output collection or log are unavailable without raising errors anyway, it should just say "Output not available" or "log not available" where appropriate 

 Also something to look it to: 

 * I suspect the dialog is a generic response to catching a 404 error.    Consider using snackbar instead. 
 * It doesn't tell you what wasn't found.    It should try to provide a bit more information if possible, such as the URL path. 

 Nice to have: 

 * In the case where the output or log is trashed but not yet deleted, we could detect that and provide a way to un-trash it.    For example, if #19080 is implemented, this can be as simple as linking to the collection page, which would then present a dialog offered to un-trash the collection.