Bug #21209

Updated by Peter Amstutz 8 months ago

We had reports of workbench occasionally failing to load content when under load.    I recently saw a "failed to load process list" error and the browser console suggests that it is net::ERR_FAILED (which I am guessing is a TCP connection error?) instead of a HTTP error. 

 I'm wondering if either: 

 a) a connection that was thought to still be live with HTTP keepalive or HTTP/2 session actually wasn't, and that error pops up to the browser level 
 b) the number of sockets the load balancer can have open is much too low, or a CORS preflight check didn't go through 

 On further examination, it seems that net::ERR_FAILED is a generic error that can be caused by various reasons -- but it is still notable that it isn't a HTTP response.