Story #3163

Updated by Tom Clegg almost 7 years ago

The script should be suitable for invoking automatically (e.g., crontab, post-deploy) on a shell VM.
* Run in an unprivileged account.
* API token, API host:port, and Workbench URL are provided via environment variables or command line args.
* Avoid doing anything that could be destructive or disruptive in a live environment. For example, don't try to delete existing non-writable objects in order to confirm that the permission system is working.

This version of the script should test a small subset of functionality. (Future versions will support bigger/different subsets, e.g., submit a long-running pipeline and make sure it produces the expected result.)

Specific Examples of things to check:
* Store a tiny collection in Keep using arv-put, read it back with arv-get, and verify data integrity.
* Get a list of shared/available projects. Make sure it's not empty.
* Load the front page of Workbench. Make sure it has a "log in" button.

The objective here is to stub a starting point, rather than to start testing a lot of things right away. We'll start running the initial version regularly in live environments, then add more tests later.