Feature #2875

Updated by Tom Clegg over 7 years ago

Augment the existing editable "description" field on the "show project" page.
* Add a description attribute to the pipeline_instances and jobs models. model. (See [[Hacking API server#Add-an-attribute-to-a-model]])
* Make an "editable name and description" partial so any object that has a @description@ and @name@ attributes automatically has the same editable name/description section at the top of the page as the current "show project" page.
* Use something like http://markitup.jaysalvat.com/examples/textile/ (GPL) to render descriptions as textile on the client side. Hopefully a fairly simple matter:
** Fire markitup's trigger on document load and after x-editable saves new content
** Use the appropriate x-editable features so it doesn't do anything silly like pop up a textarea with rendered html in it.
* Add a textile extension to make it easy to link to Arvados objects as easily as URLs (e.g., @"This project":zzzzz-j7d0g-asdfasdfasdfasd@ would link to the appropriate Project page on the current Workbench site).