Story #3193

Updated by Tom Clegg over 8 years ago

 * VMs I can log in to: show hostname, login name, last login (if available), SSH config snippet 
 * Repositories I can access: name, is_writable, fetch or push-url (depending on whether it is writable) 
 * Current token 

 Manage SSH keys: 
 * Show my existing SSH keys (filter by key_type=="SSH") 
 * Delete existing SSH key (confirm with javascript) 
 * "Add SSH key" always sets key_type to SSH CRUD 

 Update nav links: 
 * Add "Account settings" item, in the email address dropdown, item linking to this new page 
 * Make generic "show VMs, authorized_keys, API tokens" links show up only for admins, VM index" link in the gear menu admin-only (like the Users item is now) 
 * If this means the gear menu is now empty for non-admins, then don't even show the gear menu for non-admin users! 

 Other notes: 
 * filter by owner_uuid == current_user.uuid so this page works nicely for admins too