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Updated by Tom Clegg over 5 years ago

* current state
* when last changed state
* total elapsed time of all finished/running jobs
* some sort of error message from failed job (if any)

Details (for each component):
* component name
* job description: script_name, repository, script_version, docker image
* if a job is submitted/assigned for the component: id (link), script_version, docker image, create timestamp, start/finish timestamp if applicable
* was the job submitted in the course of running this pipeline, or was an existing job reused?[1]
* status label (queued, running, finished, cancelled, failed)
* progress bar (if running)
* elapsed time [so far] if applicable
* output and log links if applicable
* "cancel job" button if applicable

fn1. This might not yet be recorded anywhere. Sometimes, but not always, job-creation-time < pipeline-start-time for existing jobs that were reused.

See [[Workbench UI images]] for layout advice.