Feature #3605

Updated by Ward Vandewege over 7 years ago

High level overview (counts) of:
* pipelines currently running
* jobs currently running
* pipelines recently finished
* jobs recently finished

All of this subject to current permissions. No changes to the permission model required.

Give the user a way to display only their stuff.

All of the items that have been counted in the high-level summary appear in a table below the high-level overview, with more detail (again, subject to user permission). It should say what project things are in, and if permissions allow, whose they are.

Add a warning triangle or red exclamation mark if anything is wrong, for example no log output in the last 3 minutes for jobs/pipelines that are supposed to be running. Add a column in the table with status: if normal, put "queued since ...". If something is wrong, put the best error message we can come up with (e.g. "no recent log output, dead?").