Feature #2875

Updated by Tom Clegg about 7 years ago

Augment the existing editable "description" field on the "show project" page.
* Add a description attribute to the pipeline_instances and jobs models. (See [[Hacking API server#Add-an-attribute-to-a-model]])
* Make an "editable name and description" partial so any object that has a @description@ and @name@ attributes automatically has the same editable name/description section at the top of the page as the current "show project" page.
* Currently the instance#show page shows a misleading description taken from the pipeline template (see #3765). This will be less misleading if we:
*# Do not show the template's description at all on the instance page.
*# Do not show the template's name in the same location/style we usually use for properties of the current object. (Perhaps a @<div class="alert alert-info">@ in the top right corner would be better?)
*# Add a phrase after the template name/link saying "(note: template has been modified since this instance was created)" when that's true

Also set an initial description field when creating a pipeline instance -- something like

Created using "{template name}" pipeline template on {date/time}

Ideally, arv-run-pipeline-instance should also set the description to something similar. (And accept a command line argument to override)

Note: #3036 adds a @description@ attribute to PipelineInstance and Job (and a @name@ attribute to Job). If #3036 isn't merged when you get started on this, take the @20140815171049_add_name_description_columns.rb@ migration from the 3036-collection-uuids branch instead of making a conflicting one.