Feature #3775

Updated by Tom Clegg almost 8 years ago

Currently, in local mode, repository="arvados" only works if ./arvados/.git happens to exist when crunch-job runs. 

 New behavior: 
 * You can use an arbitrary git URL in your job's "repository" attribute. 
 * You can use the name of an Arvados-hosted repository. The named repo's fetch-url will be used. (This is likely to require SSH agent forwarding since the fetch-url is typically given as an SSH path.) 
 * You can specify a local filesystem path starting with @/@ or @./@ or @../@. 
 * *Compatibility issue:* When running jobs in your terminal, @"repository":"foo"@ in a job record used to mean "use @./foo@ or @./foo/.git@". Now it means "use hosted repository called foo" just like it would in a job submitted to the API server. To get the old behavior, you can now use @"repository":"./foo"@. 

 Unchanged (but relevant) behavior: 
 * You can override the job record's "repository" attribute by passing a different URL/name to crunch-job as a @--git-dir@ argument. 

 * Remote git URLs still aren't supported when submitting jobs to the API server to run on worker nodes: there, you can (still) only use the name of a hosted repository. New features only work when using @arv pipeline run --run-here@ or @arv-crunch-job@.