Bug #3978

Updated by Tom Clegg almost 5 years ago

Pipelines that have been stopped or will never be run show up in the 'Active pipelines' panel from the Dashboard. For me, these appear because I run pipelines from the comand line and they occasionally stop midway through the pipeline (sometimes due to bugs, sometimes because I stop them myself, etc.). These are pipelines I probably will not run again or have long forgotten, but they clutter the 'Active pipelines' section. They should be put in another section, perhaps the 'Recently finished' panel or some other section in case I want to refer back to them later.

Fix (at least partial):
* @arv-run-pipeline-instance@ should set the pipeline instance status to "Paused" "Stopped" when an uncaught exception is thrown (possibly including ctrl-C)
* Make sure paused pipelines don't show up in the "active" list on dashboard