Feature #4561

Updated by Tom Clegg over 6 years ago

Currently you have two main options for running a job:
# Put the program you need in a docker image. Use run-command from the arvados tree to wrap it as a crunch job.
# Write a native crunch script in your git tree.

The first option forces you to save a new docker image in order to run a new version of your program. Unacceptable!

It should be possible to use run-command to wrap a script that lives in your git tree.
* Currently, this can be done awkwardly by copying some version of run-command into your own git tree.
* With #4027 it shouldn't be much of a stretch to include run-command in an SDK package. Then we just need a way to invoke run-command from the installed package rather than requiring it to be in @$CRUNCH_SRC/crunch_scripts/@.