Feature #4579

Updated by Tim Pierce over 6 years ago

Some jobs encounter errors that seem like they should be fatal errors, but still report job success.

For example, "qr1hi-8i9sb-mtxaffgfw6athnp":http://crvr.se/qr1hi-8i9sb-mtxaffgfw6athnp:

I have this job: qr1hi-8i9sb-mtxaffgfw6athnp#Log that got this error: grep: //c09a19ea17f72c8da97f8cb64a9b333b+743: No such file or directory directory, but still finished successfully.

or "qr1hi-8i9sb-gn0jmhwp88j3a8z":http://crvr.se/qr1hi-8i9sb-gn0jmhwp88j3a8z:

this job: qr1hi-8i9sb-gn0jmhwp88j3a8z#Log that got this error: ls: cannot access /keep//keep/c09a19ea17f72c8da97f8cb64a9b333b+743/*.vcf: No such file or directory

These jobs should report failure. It just seems like the job succeeding is misleading.