Feature #3928

Updated by Tom Clegg over 6 years ago


My natural workflow is to examine the log of a failed job in workbench. If the log is too big or the reason is not immediately apparent, I go to the shell node and either download the log file or look at through the keep mount. Right now, the locator string for the log collection is not displayed in the 'Log' tab and I have to go hunting around in other tabs. I always forget where the precise location is (after just doing it, I found it under the 'Details' tab, in 'log' row) and it would be nice to have the log locator string displayed in the 'Log' tab so I can easily cut and paste it into my VM shell for further analysis.

Implementation notes:

* Show each job's log UUID in the detail section of the pipeline_instance#show→components tab
* Hyperlink the log UUID to the collections#show page for the log collection.