Bug #4924

Updated by Tom Clegg over 5 years ago

To do:
* Error messages should be visible after a failure.
* User should _always_ be given a chance to re-edit after a failure. (Currently, (some?) API request failures just cause 'arv edit' to exit and save a temp file.)
* Try: Show the errors by reopening the editor, with error messages in a comment block at the top. Strip the comment block when saving. This avoids the extra "try again? y/n" prompt which is nearly always what the user wants to do.
** Exit if the temp file (minus leading comment block and whitespace) is empty.
** Prompt (exit or try again) if the user saves the same bogus JSON twice in a row. (Maybe the user is just trying to escape!)
* Unchanged attributes should not be sent in the API update call. (This is a common cause of failures.)