Bug #5010

Updated by Tim Pierce over 5 years ago

*Workbench behavior*

By default, Workbench should not display any collection with an @expires_at@ field set to any non-NULL value. These items are presumed to be in the trash.

When viewing a user clicks list of collections in a project, the trash icon next to a each collection in the _Projects_ display, Workbench should ask should:
# Prompt
for confirmation and then set
# Call
the @expires_at@ date DELETE method on the collection to on the current time, so API server

*API server*

When returning a collection or list of collections,
the API server will no longer return that only omits collections whose @expires_at@ field is set to a date in the past; if the date is in the future, these collections are in the trash but are still accessible.

The DELETE method on a
collection sets the @expires_at@ date to queries.
@Time.now + Rails.application.config.default_trash_lifetime@.

Any collection whose @expires_at@ date is in the past may be garbage collected at any moment.