Bug #4805

Updated by Brett Smith over 4 years ago

For example, see "qr1hi-4zz18-6vg3yynwl37x6tc":https://crvr.se/qr1hi-4zz18-6vg3yynwl37x6tc _provenance_ and _used_by_ graphs. When you open the tab, you'll probably see empty white space. Zoom out a few times, though, and you'll start to see the graph. However, Workbench defaults to showing an upper left portion of the graph, and that's empty in this case.

Fix to implement:

* See if it's possible to weight Graphviz's rendering so that something is almost guaranteed to render in the upper left. If so, do that.
* If not, render the initial view so that the graph fits inside it.

There are more UI improvements we should make to this tab, but that's a separate story.