Bug #5147

Updated by Brett Smith over 4 years ago

If you start the Arvados docker containers in the normal way, the API server's discovery document says @"baseUrl":"https://api/arvados/v1/","rootUrl":"https://api/"@. This is difficult to use from the host machine because you must configure your local DNS resolver to use both our Docker DNS server and the proper search domain (@dev.arvados@).

Do one of the following:

* Put the host's IP address in the rootUrl, so that you can use it without any DNS configuration at all. This makes it easier to talk to the API server, but it may be of limited utility since you won't be able to find other services like Keep.
* Put the host's FQDN in the rootUrl, so that once you're using the proper DNS server, you don't need additional search configuration.

There's a sort of back and forth between this issue and #5025. The less that data/configuration in the API server demands from the DNS server, the less we'll have to do to resolve #5025.