Bug #5743

Updated by Tom Clegg over 5 years ago

ProjectsController#show has a set of routes, controllers, and views that are capable of listing/filtering/sorting/inf-scrolling any type of object, delegating only the "show detail of one item" part to the appropriate partial.

This generic "list things" code should be
* Updated, if necessary, to support preloading filters: e.g., a bookmark or link to @/collections?filters=[...]@
* Updated, if necessary, to support showing lists of objects irrespective of owner project (i.e., either use the object_type.index API instead of groups.contents, or use groups.contents without supplying a project uuid, like Search does)
* Moved from "projects" to "application" if/where appropriate
* Used for all cases in workbench where a tab consists of a list of arvados objects, including
objects (including projects#show tabs
and any_arvados_type#index "recent" tabs
** "collections with this portable_data_hash" on collections#show (please see discussion at #5622 about how routes/controllers should work here)

There are various other "show a list of things" lying around that (mostly) predate the generic stuff in projects#show and implement some subset or alternate version of the generics. These should be removed. Examples:
* collections#index
* pipeline_instances#index
* "paging" partial