Bug #5930

Updated by Nancy Ouyang about 5 years ago

As listed by Nico:

* Order of upload and download data is wrong.
assumes var-GS000016015-ASM.tsv.bz2 is there also "Locate your collection
in Workbench" makes a wrong reference to "projects" -> "Home" actually is
"my account" > "home project"

* http://doc.arvados.org/user/tutorials/tutorial-keep-mount.html mounts a
keep directory, that is fine, but actually it was already mounted on my
shell. (A "NOTE:" should be there for first time users)

* CSS in buttons in
http://doc.arvados.org/user/getting_started/ssh-access-unix.html confuses
people like funtioning buttons when hover'ing

* I started my tutorial run in the cluster "9tee4" but in
there are reference to objects inqr1hi... what should I do┬┐? --* Myself: I
switched clusters. but I can imagine people having issues there

* example of pipeline run fails out of the box:
(it is the arv grep fastq example)

* a graph/diagram of the infrastructure will be a nice to have for future

* fix new user experience so that there is only Curated collections / pipelines on their first login to Curoverse -- otherwise they will be confused (which pipeline to run?). Potentially have a large "unlock level 1" button.

Nancy's opinions:

* fix this page (2nd hit for "Arvados") https://arvados.org/projects/arvados/wiki/Introduction_to_Arvados

* maybe fix https://arvados.org/projects/arvados/wiki/Technical_Architecture (also high up there on "arvados")