Feature #6013

Updated by Ward Vandewege over 6 years ago

The user admin page says:

As an admin, you can setup this user. Please input a VM and repository for the user. If you had previously provided any of these items, they are pre-filled for you and you can leave them as is if you would like to reuse them.

which is followed by the 'Setup user' button.

That button shows a form that has (amongst other things) a 'Repository Name and Shell Login' field.

This field is actually ignored now when the shell account is created - we always use the part of the e-mail address before the @ sign to create the shell account (with some extra logic to avoid collisions).

In addition, users can now create their own repositories through the manage account page.

Finally, having one form that does both things at once is confusing/annoying, because I usually only want to create a shell account *or* create a repository.

So, here's what should be changed:

a) remove the 'Repository Name and Shell Login' field
b) rename the form to 'Create shell account'
c) rename the button to 'Create shell account'
d) change the leading text to

As an admin, you can create a shell account for this user. The login name is automatically generated from the e-mail address.

e) change the logic of the form so it no longer creates a repository and repository link.

f) the text of the e-mail that is kicked off automatically when this form is submitted should be changed to:

Subject: Welcome to Curoverse - shell account enabled


Your Arvados shell account has been set up. Please visit the manage account page at


for connection instructions.

The Arvados team.