Story #6058

Updated by Brett Smith over 6 years ago

Imagine that I'm a bioinformatician looking at a public pipeline on an Arvados installation. I don't have an account, but I'd like to run this pipeline on data that I have. Workbench should smoothly guide me through the process of:

* creating an account
* doing any necessary user setup like filling in a profile
* uploading data
* specifying the pipeline inputs
* running the pipeline
* seeing the results

Ideally, the user should never see the Dashboard through this process, even if they close their browser and resume their session in between some of these steps, unless they expressly navigate to it. If that's too difficult, it would also be okay to put a prominent prompt at the top of Dashboard that guides the user to the next step, like, "Hey, you've uploaded some data for this pipeline but haven't run it yet. You can upload more data, or if you're done with that, you can set the pipeline's inputs and run it."