Bug #6234

Updated by Brett Smith about 9 years ago

Admins need to be able to see their own user page to manage their group memberships, etc. 

 Right now, going to the usual URL for that renders your home project.    This was first filed as #3756.    We fixed this by making the user page inaccessible, and hiding the Show button for it from the users listing. 

 It's now clear we need a better solution.    In #3756, Tom suggested implementing a "better way to ensure {"move this project to..." → Home → OK} redirects to projects#show with uuid=current_user.uuid instead of users#show."    He noted that "solution is a waste of trouble if we decide to switch to the "special undeletable project" implementation for "Home"," but we still haven't done that, so it seems like it's time to implement the longer solution and undo the Show button hiding hack.