Feature #6254

Updated by Brett Smith about 9 years ago

h2. Original requirements 

 We need a way to list the groups a user should be part of on the node they can log in to. 

 Typical use cases: 

 a) docker group 
 b) admin group 

 h2. Solution to implement 

 The simplest thing that could possibly work: 

 * can_login links grow a @groups@ property, an array of group name strings. 
 * Workbench's user setup form has a text entry field for the administrator to enter a comma-separated list of group names.    It turns this into an array and sends that as a parameter with the API setup request. 
 * The script that actually creates shell accounts from can_login links creates group memberships from the new @groups@ property. 

 We know that this method is susceptible to typos—it will silently fail to set the desired group memberships if the admin makes a mistake entering the group memberships in the setup form.    We consider that an acceptable risk/limitation for now.