Bug #6652

Updated by Tom Clegg over 4 years ago

Ways to create a new repo:
* Admin gear menu → Repositories → "Add a new repository" button -- *fail*
* User menu → Manage Account → "Add new repository" button -- success
* @arv repository create --repository '{"name":"myusername/foobar"}'@ -- *fail*

I suspect this is a problem with validation order:
* @validate@ methods run first, including @:valid_owner@ in source:services/api/app/models/repository.rb
* @before_create@ methods run later, including @:ensure_owner_uuid_is_permitted@ in source:services/api/app/models/arvados_model.rb, which is where we set owner_uuid to current_user.uuid if it's not set yet.

If these happened in the reverse order, @:valid_owner@ would pass.