Feature #5676

Updated by Brett Smith over 4 years ago

arv-copy currently checks out only supports git-over-ssh and can only create branches in a destination repository and pushes branches to it. repository, rather that creating new repositories. Now that Arvados lets users create their own repositories, it Both of these restrictions should take advantage be relaxed in light of this feature.

Engineering to determine:

* Should arv-copy still support the "push to one repository" mode?
new Arvados git features.
* Should arv-copy create one repository? Or one repository per source repository?
* If arv-copy supports multiple modes, what's the default mode, and how does the user select between them?
* How are names for the destination repository(ies) determined? If arv-copy has a mode where it creates multiple destination repositories, does the user have any control over their naming? How is that specified?