Feature #3137

Updated by Tom Clegg almost 5 years ago

Toggle with a @--crunchstat-interval@ argument (default 0 means don't output stats). @--crunchstat@ flag.

Use the same format as crunchstat, so the results show up in Workbench graphs. Example:

crunchstat: blkio:0:0 123456 write 1234560 read -- interval 10.0002 seconds 0 write 0 read
crunchstat: net:keep0 1546380901 tx 3166208 rx -- interval 10.0002 seconds 1546352010 tx 2066527 rx

@blkio:0:0@ indicates filesystem traffic between userspace programs and arv-mount.

@net:keep0@ indicates network traffic between arv-mount and keep servers.

Additionally, it would be helpful to know the number of IO _operations_ on both sides, i.e., number of Keep block reads/writes and number of userspace read() and write() calls serviced. (Formatting TBD?)