Story #7995

Updated by Brett Smith almost 6 years ago

It should be as complete as any other page in the install guide. The only caveats are:

* It should come with a huge unmissable disclaimer at the top that Data Manager is still being tested.
* There are only two cases where we think it might be safe:
** All your Keepstores are backed by their own POSIX filesystem(s)
** All your Keepstores are backed by shared object storage, one of which has a special service_type, and Data Manager talks to that one alone through its corresponding service_type switch
It should not be linked from the TOC. Enough people want it that we want a single reference to give to interested deployers, but we don't want to generally advertise it.

Functional requirements:

* Document how to do a dry run/log-only run first, then how to switch that to actually deleting blocks once you're satisfied with the result.

This is how the datamanager token is generated:

arv api_client_authorization create_system_auth \
--scopes "[\"GET /arvados/v1/collections\",
\"GET /arvados/v1/keep_services\",
\"GET /arvados/v1/keep_services/accessible\",
\"GET /arvados/v1/users/current\",
\"POST /arvados/v1/logs\"]"