Bug #8198

Updated by Tom Clegg about 7 years ago

Problem: There's some Python at the bottom of the compute node install guide that creates the node record and sets up pings.    It has some logic to detect the node's IP address.    That logic does the wrong thing on nodes with a standard Debian-ish hosts setup: it'll get the IP address as (from /etc/hosts), and create the node record with that.    The script needs to be made smarter to choose a public IP address. 


 * The API server already has code to set the node's IP address on first ping, if it's not already set.    Extend this code to account for the X-Forwarded-For header so it works behind the Nginx proxy. (This might be as simple as changing <code class="ruby">ENV['REMOTE_ADDR']</code> &rarr; <code class="ruby">request.remote_ip</code>; rails has built-in support for X-Forwarded-For, including a configurable list of trusted proxies that includes by default.) 
 * Add a controller test to match. 
 * Update the compute node install guide to remove the IP address detection and setting code from the Python script at the bottom.