Feature #8379

Updated by Bryan Cosca almost 4 years ago

If I'm doing arv-copy --src cluster1 --dst cluster2 --dst-git-repo example/repo pipeline_template_uuid

You'll see something like
Total Copy: 4000M / 500000M 0.8% 19h20m 19H remaining
d4052v8cbbaf61ebb76f119e60e94f15+65: 43M / 43M 100.0%
816cdddc6894d76c1116e6d7faea3edb+64: 0M / 0M 100.0%
ca9a6eaeecf156375f19a942c6003438+6236: 3712M / 9308M 39.9%

In addition to knowing what collection is being copied and the progress of that, it would be great to know the total amount of bytes needed to be copied and be able to gauge the time of the entire copy.