Story #8441

Updated by Radhika Chippada almost 6 years ago

The build_project_trees method retrieves all projects accessible by the user. In a system with many shared projects, this proved to be quite expensive operation. #8183 implemented an optimization of building my projects tree for the top level projects and #8286 implemented the ability to mark projects as favorites.

Display the projects tree as a combination of favorites and top-level-my-projects similar to Projects dropdown in breadcrumbs display.

A user can star a shared but not writable project to mark it as a favorite. When displaying the Favorite projects in the chooser popup, these non-writable starred projects should be non-selectable.

After making this update, remove the build_project_trees code from application_controller.

Update any existing tests that are impacted. Add test(s) to expect favorite projects in chooser popup.