Idea #8653

Updated by Brett Smith about 8 years ago

Add Tool accepts as input a tool to the CWL SDK called ??? that creates an Arvados pipeline template to run a CWL workflow. 

 * It has a switch    Creates or optional position parameter to update an existing pipeline template identified by its UUID. 

 The tool must: 

 * Where static files are identified in the workflow (including as defaults), upload them to collections. 

 * Write updates a pipeline template to run the workflow with cwl-runner.    Specific handling of inputs: 
 ** Where static files were inputs, change those inputs to refer to the corresponding collection portable data hashes. 
 ** Convert CWL input "label" to template "title". 
 ** Convert CWL input "description" to template "description". 
 ** Convert CWL input "default" to template "default".    In this case, set "link_name" to give the default input a nice human-readable name. 
 ** When the CWL input is of a type that Workbench doesn't support (i.e., the type is not documented in the pipeline template API documentation), print a warning on stderr implements running that the template isn't runnable through Workbench.    (We'll adjust this warning in the future as we improve the Workbench input chooser.)