Story #8703

Updated by Radhika Chippada almost 6 years ago

Jobs that want to indicate child work will do so by filling the components hash as follows:

"label1": "abcde-j7d0g-abcde...",
"label2": "abcde-p5p6p-abcde...",

Interfaces that want to incorporate information about child work (like Workbench) will use this information to find that child work.

Only the API client authorization that holds the job lock can update this field.

Don't forget to add to the API documentation for this new field.

h3. Acceptance criteria

* Migration script to add “components” to job model
** up and down migrations must succeed
** all existing tests must pass

* Add a controller test to get a job with components (add a fixture with components)

* Add an integration test, with permission to update:
** add components to a job
** delete one component at a time and verify get succeeds

* Add an integration test, with no permission to update:
** cannot add components to a job
** cannot delete a component from a job

* API doc update