Story #8876

Updated by Brett Smith over 4 years ago

Baseline: Job show tab becomes more like the Pipeline Instance show tab. This is how it renders child work units.

Follow the structure in #8651 to implement work unit proxies for job and pipeline instance. Work Unit methods needed:

* A @label@ method
* A @components@ method that returns real objects in a ??? (Array? Hash?)
* A @parameters@ method that returns @script_parameters@ for jobs and @nil@ for pipeline instances
* A method to indicate where there are logs, if any
* script
* script_repository
* script_version
* supplied_script_version
* docker_image
* runtime_constraints
* modified_by_user_uuid
* priority
* nondeterministic
* created_at
* started_at
* finished_at
* state
* progress
* output