Story #8936

Updated by Brett Smith almost 7 years ago

The real signing key should be generated from both the random configured signing key, and the configured block TTL.    This way, when the sysadmin changes the TTL, the effective signing key changes, and clients are in a better position to detect that and retry write operations if needed. 


 * The API server key generation logic (@app/models/blob.rb#generate_signature@) - Make sure to add a test - TBD: What is the actual logic?    Tom to update the relevant wiki page and link it here. 
 * The Keepstore key generation logic (@sdk/go/keepclient/perms.go@) - Make sure to add a test 
 * The install guide documentation - Where the TTL is mentioned, add a note that it effectively becomes part of the signing key, and will cause clients to retry or fail if it is changed while they are in progress. 
 * The "Upgrading to master" wiki page, to note that upgrading to this version will functionally change your client key