Bug #9141

Updated by Brett Smith over 4 years ago

This is a common idiom in @events.py@:

<pre><code class="python">for tries_left in RetryLoop(...):
if tries_left == 0:
_logger.exception("Everything is terrible")

There are two bugs in this pattern.

First, if the body of the RetryLoop succeeds on the last attempt, @tries_left == 0@ will be true, and it will be incorrectly treated as a failure.

Second, no exception is being handled at the time we call @_logger.exception()@. Testing suggests that in this case, it just writes "None" where it would normally write a traceback. That's not helping anybody, so we should call a different logging method.

Separately from that, there are two times when the body of the RetryLoop is:

<pre><code class="python"> try:
items = self.api.[some method].execute()
except errors.ApiError as error:
tries_left = 0

@break@ immediately breaks the control flow, so the @else:@ block will never run. Was that supposed to be @except Exception:@ instead?