Story #9584

Updated by Brett Smith over 4 years ago

Functional requirements: The only place FUSE should list expiring show the user expired collections (collections where the @expires_at@ @expired_at@ field is not null) for the user is in a dedicated trash view. In any other view, an expiring expired collection should not be shown. This can be accomplished by listing collections with the filter @["expires_at", "=", null]@.

Filter expiring expired collections from TagDirectory MagicDirectory, TagDirectory, and ProjectDirectory. Never return an expiring expired collection when the user requests a listing or specific directory entry from these roots. entry. Start Starting by updating the relevant queries in each class' @update@ method.

We do need to be able to list and show expired collections to support trash view. The implementation should not make that unreasonably difficult. MagicDirectory can and should continue to be able to access expiring collections. We want to allow users to use expiring collections as scratch space, and accessing such a collection by its identifier is the most obvious way to do it.