Bug #10216

Updated by Tom Morris almost 6 years ago

Example use cases: 
 * Container is expected/intended to be impure (results differ from one run to the next) 
 * Test/diagnostics container 

 The [[Containers API]] specifies a "filters" parameter which (when implemented) could be used to achieve this with something like @filters=[[created_at,=,now]]@. 

 Presence of the "API" runtime constraint should also automatically skip reuse. 


 * Add a 'use_existing' 'reuse' flag, which defaults to true. When set false a new container should always be created. 
 * Add '"use_existing": '"reuse": false, ' to the 'Hello, Crunch' example at 

 As for the future "filters" parameter, if/when that gets implemented, the 'use_existing' 'reuse' flag should take precedence if set to false.