Idea #10290

Updated by Tom Clegg over 7 years ago

runtime_constraints has the following semantics: 

 > Restrict the container's access to compute resources and the outside world (in addition to its explicitly stated inputs and output). -- Each key is the name of a capability, like "internet" or "API" or "clock". The corresponding value is true (the capability must be available in the container's runtime environment) or false (must not) or a value or an array of two numbers indicating an inclusive range. Numeric values are given in basic units (e.g., RAM is given in bytes, not KB or MB or MiB). If a key is omitted, availability of the corresponding capability is acceptable but not necessary. 

 The "partitions" field of Container/ContainerRequest does not fit these semantics. It semantics, so it should move to the new scheduling_parameters hash. go somewhere else. 

 See [[Containers API]] 

 API server and arvados-cwl-runner need to be updated accordingly.